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This is a page that you can copy for your surname resource center. By placing all the links in one location it facilitates navigation of your site. You can easily modify this format by inserting rows and adding new categories. This is not an all inclusive list. Many of you have already established other components of your site. Link those also! Remember, it is important for your site to offer a few things, but by no means do we require you to provide all services. These are merely here as suggestions! The only service you MUST provide is the linking of home pages.

  1. A way for researchers to get in touch with each other. They should not have to send you an e-mail to get e-mail addresses.
  2. A way to communicate through the family center which part of the family they are working on. This can be done through Queries, or it can be done by placing a brief note beside their name on the researchers page.
  3. Need to work towards providing an online database. People need to know what has already been done. The fastest way to find out what has been done, is to go through an online database.
  4. If at all possible, provide a copy of the database in GEDCOM format, either by e-mail or by placing a version online to be downloaded. This makes it so that researchers do not have to retype eveything from the online database into their computer. We understand that this may not be practicle in all circumstances!
  5. Archives - by making records available online people can quickly determine what is known. Often it is not possible to enter everyone listed in marriage, census, death records, cemetaries, etc with a particular surname in your online database, because their relatives are not known. Also on line records may help clarify errors that come up.
  6. You need to make it easy for people to submit information to the site. The easier it is, the more likely you are to get information.
  7. You also need to let people know what kind of help you need. You may need anything from more space, someone to manage the online database, someone to gather census or other records.
  8. Also you need to be receptive to peoples comments. You never know who might help you, or notice something that is confusing to others.

Rob Fugina ( is the coordinator of this surname resource center. To get in touch with him click on his name.

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