CJ Lift & Top Project

Apr 19, 1999 to Apr 25, 1999h3>

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Here's the hole that started everything. This is on the driver's side, at cylinder 1 (the front of the engine). You can see the bearing for the piston rod, and there's no piston rod currently attached! I'll have more pictures of the damage as I tear apart the old engine...

This is the engine bay after removing the old engine. The clutche release bearing may have been replaced by the time this picture was taken.

Here's the old clutch plate, sitting on the old pressure plate. The clutch had definitly been cooked -- the friction surface was hard and slick...

The old pressure plate -- also showing signs of abuse...

Here's what the timing gear out of the new engine looked like -- several of the plastic-on-aluminum gear teeth had been broken off, and the chain was very stretched out of shape. We replace both gears (all-metal design) and the chain with new ones which fit much better.

Here's a closeup of the bellhousing, after being cleaned up and with a new clutch release bearing installed.

Here's the back end of the new engine. The lightings kinda bad, but you can see the new Centerforce clutch and pressure plate assembly installed on the flywheel. We also had the flywheel machine, and replaced the flywheel ring gear.

Here's the front of the new engine, with the new timing chain and gears installed, before covering it all back up.

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