Grand Cherokee Trip 1 -- Turkey Bay

May 16, 1998

First interesting obstacle of the day: A long narrow gully with a rock step at the end. This is John Lahmon in his OME-lifted YJ.
Rich takes it in his TJ.
And me in my ZJ with stock suspension.
The mud pit that beat the TJs... This was a narrow, deep-rutted mud pit that I didn't see anyone make it through... Both who tried, Rob Reitz (shown here) and Rich, both in TJs (Teraflex & Rubicon Express lifts, respectively), had to be towed out by a nearby Toyota pickup. I was dying to put my tow straps to some good use, but the Toyota was already rigged up for it and just beat me to it. This was, BTW, the only time all day anyone needed a tow...
These two were taken around lunch time, just before a rinse-off in the creek.
We rinsed off in a creek just before lunch break... Some went a little further than others... Rich went first, and his advice to me was "don't even try it," so I didn't. Shown is John Lahmon in his YJ.
These three were taken at the first photo op. after lunch: a rock outcrop at the top of a hill overlooking Kentucky Lake.
This obstacle would have been an easy one if it weren't for the large tree that had fallen over the entrance to this gully. Instead of driving right up, we had to drive around the tree, then down into the gully. The Wranglers were short enough to drive up beside, turn, and drive in. I had to back up beside the gully first...
Another good photo op, at the top of a ridge. All along this ridge, there were steep gullies leading down into the valley below. Every one of them looked nastier than the last. Rich actually drove down the one I'm standing in to take this picture. He seemed to lose most of his traction when he got about 2/3 of the way down. He picked a different gully for the trip back up. About this time we were trying to meet back up with the rest of our group, and having no luck whatsoever. We thought we'd found a major intersection on the map and were waiting for the others to find us, but none of our radios, GPS units, compasses, or even our horns proved helpful in guiding the rest of our group to our location.
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