Grand Cherokee Trip 2 -- Fort Leonard Wood

Aug 15, 1998

Some of these photos (the fuzzy ones) were taken from a TV screen -- from footage filmed by Pete Hanson & Lori Cook. There are also one or two photos taken by Chris Patrick.

The day's lineup: Rob R's Teraflex'd (& proud of it) TJ, Chris P's CJ-7 (35" Super Swamper Boggers), Somebody's TJ (the only winch there that day), a red Scrambler, my ZJ (completely stock suspension), my sister-in-law's TJ (also completely stock suspension), (& from there it get's blurry...). The red vehicle third from the end is a Comanche, and next is Dave Cooley's Cherokee.

The first really fun obstacle of the day. The ZJ goes swimming! (No, it's not floating...)
My first and only 'stuck' of the day. This was just a little too steep and a little too high-center for me with stock suspension. The stock TJ made it on the second try!

NOT STUCK! (How could he be, with those boggers???) Just having a few engine problems... Didn't need to use the strap after all (well, not 'til later...).
The Commanche made everything look easy that day...

The Cherokee impressed everyone, too...
But eventually, the Cherokee got stuck in a deep mud bog. (I didn't attempt this one in my stock ZJ.)
I tried to tow the Cherokee out like this, but I thought I had about 10-15 feet more strap. That would have been enough to get me onto flat ground with some traction... (see the bypass on the left?)
So the Scrambler pulls me, pulling the Cherokee out...
Some rock-climbing! Not for me (yet)! The Comanche makes it without breaking a sweat.
So does the Cherokee.
Everyone took it a LOT slower on the way down... Can't see where you're stepping!
The CJ with engine problem makes it up... almost... barely...

Poor thing... It lost its clutch on the drive home. This arrangement here got the CJ the rest of the way home -- about 100 miles. Couldn't see anything out my rear window, and I couldn't safely get it much above 55mph. But the CJ got home, and we even had a couple minutes to snap some photos before Chris caught up behind us!
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